Iowa State University

Plenary Speakers

Andrea Bertozzi
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering;
Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity;
Director of Applied Mathematics;
Member, California NanoSystems Institute.
Title: Graphical Models in Machine Learning, Networks, and Uncertainty Quantification

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Session: Plenary-02, Saturday: 13:35-14:20, 2055 Hoover Hall

Andrew Christlieb
Michigan State University
Department Chair, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering;
MSU Foundation Professor, Department of Mathematics.
Title: Addressing Stiff Physics Problems Using a Novel Implicit Solver that has a Computational Complexity Equivalent to Explicit Methods

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Session: Plenary-03, Sunday: 09:00-09:45, 2055 Hoover Hall

Béatrice Rivière
Rice University
Noah Harding Chair and Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics.
Title: High Order Methods for Multiphase Flows in Porous Media

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Session: Plenary-01, Saturday: 09:00-09:45, 2055 Hoover Hall

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